Fotograf Ślubny Czechowice-Dziedzice

­­­Hi. My name is Kamil Czernecki and I have been lucky enough in my life to do what I love to do, namely photography. I am sensitive and open to the world around me, which allows me to capture elusive and precious ‘frames’ of your life. With these frames I want you to remember not only the things that you saw but also felt. I love travelling and mountain hiking. This is when I catch my breath and get new ideas for my photos. I am fond of meeting new people. I am a film buff and taste in good music. I am laid-back and have an optimistic attitude to life which I make most of.

You could say that my style is a creative reportage. I never plan the course of events or absorb you with my presence so that you can enjoy these beautiful moments with no extra stress. My point is to show that wedding photography can be moving, funny, extraordinary and lively rather than conventionial. I love what I do and treat each and every reportage as though it is my last one… while humming the main theme from Rocky movie 🙂

Being an IT university graduate, I always make sure that all my work is cared for and secured at every stage of my work.

I must boast that I have been invited to Fearless Photographers an international assosiation bringing together the best photographers. The opinions and comments about my work are available on Facebook – www.facebook.com/KamilCzerneckifotografia.

You can invite me to any corner of the world as it would never pose a problem to me.


Kamil Czernecki